2020 HSC Class Schedule

HSC classes are from 6:00-8:00PM at Believer’s Chapel, 1820 S. Rutherford Blvd., Murfreesboro. Please note that child care is not available. If you are planning to attend please let the agency know at (931) 684-4676.


January 27th       What to Expect in Domestic Adoption

We will explore what to expect when adopting domestically and important things to remember when building a relationship with the birth parents. This will include meeting prior to the birth of the child, what to expect at the hospital, and how to maintain a relationship after the birth if it is something that both parties desire. In addition, we will cover important things to know when preparing to bring your baby home from the hospital.


March 23rd             Birth Mother Panel *Cancelled

Birth mothers are often feared by prospective adoptive parents. The general public typically has a narrow view of who they are and why they choose adoption. We wish to dispel the myths and stereotypes surrounding birth mothers. Several of our past birth mothers have agreed to share their stories with you and answer your questions about adoption from their perspective. It will be an eye opening and thought provoking class.


May 18th                  Transracial Adoption *Cancelled

The search for identity is something we all experience. An adopted child has an added piece of that puzzle when they consider how they fit into their family and community when race and culture are taken into account. Guest speakers will share their own experiences about transracial adoption.


July 27th                  Adoptee Panel *Cancelled

Come and hear children and adults share about their adoption experiences. The panel will represent domestic and international adoption, as well as transracial adoption. Each adoptee will share their own unique story and openly answer questions you may have about your concerns and fears about adoption, and what the future may hold for your child.


September 21st     What to Expect in Domestic Adoption *Cancelled 

See January description.


November 23rd     Talking With Your Child About Adoption

Every parent wants to do their best and help their child feel confident about their adoption story. This class will explore positive ways to share adoption with their child, how to answer difficult questions, and ways to empower your child to deal with questions from their peers. Guest speakers will share their stories about talking with their child and answering difficult questions, and instilling pride in how they joined their family.


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