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The last year has been very challenging for our adoption program. The pandemic has caused the number of both domestic and international adoptions to decrease significantly. The governing board and our Executive Director have struggled for months deciding how to sustain Heaven Sent during this difficult time. The board has made the recent decision to suspend our adoption program through 2021. We will continue to be available to past families to answer questions and provide support as we always have been, as well as acting as a conduit for connection for birth parents and adoptive families as needed. 

It is our hope and desire that at some point in the future as our world stabilizes, that we might be in a position once again to provide adoption services. The Center for Family Development remains committed to serving our community and clients, and this difficult decision will enable us to remain viable as we have been for over 20 years. 

If you would like to start the adoption process we would be happy to connect you with other adoption agencies in the area. Contact us at for more information. 

Heaven Sent Children Adoption has worked with many families adopting children throughout Tennessee and the United States. We place children directly with adoptive families through our domestic adoption program. We assist with interstate adoptions, where we network with adoption agencies in other states. We also do agency-assisted and identified adoptions for families who have identified birth parents.

The Center for Family Development/Heaven Sent Children Adoption provides services for the birth parents as well as the home study and placement preparation for the prospective adoptive parents. We work with birth parents who request our services to complete an adoption plan. We can assist you with whatever services you might require to help you build your family through adoption.

5 Types of Adoption That Can Be Pursued

    1. Private adoption through Heaven Sent Children - children are typically newborn Caucasian, African-American, or a bi-racial ethnicity.  Adoptive families can be matched with a birthparent during the 3rd trimester of the pregnancy or after the birth.  The match process involves the birthparent reviewing the family’s profile and meeting the family face-to-face.  The adoptive family typically receives placement of the child from the hospital.  The birth mother will go to court for her surrender approximately 4 days after the birth of the child.  The State of Tennessee has a three-day revocation period that begins the day after she appears before the Judge.  During that period she may reconsider her decision, but once the 3rd day is complete her rights are terminated.  The wait time can be a few months to 2 years or more dependent upon the family’s preferences.  The more open a family is in regards to gender, race, and openness in adoption the shorter their wait may be. 
    2. Interstate adoptions - once your home study is completed and approved, it can be submitted to a placing agency in another state.  Heaven Sent Children families have had successful placements with a number of out-of-state placing agencies.  Children are typically newborn and infants of Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, or other ethnicity.  Wait times for interstate adoptions can be 12 months or less.  Adoptions are generally open or semi-open, with occasional closed adoptions.  Each placing agency has its own criteria regarding age, marital status, and health history of adoptive applicants.  Also states vary on how quickly a birth mother’s rights are terminated and the length of time required to finalize the adoption.   
    3. Independent adoptions - when an adoptive family has an identified birth parent, Heaven Sent Children can assist as needed with the adoption.  Typically families only require home study services and supervision after placement.  In an independent adoption most families rely on the use of an attorney to assist them with the legal process prior to the birth of the child and the attorney will arrange counseling (if needed) for the birth parents.  However, if desired Heaven Sent Children can provide counseling with the birthparents, attending the birth, advocating for the birthparent at the hospital, taking the social and medical history, arranging the court surrenders, obtaining a waiver from alleged birthfathers, and assisting the adoptive family and birth family in making an adoption plan.
    4. Foster adoptions/public agency adoptions – adoptions of children in state foster care across the United States.  Children are typically 5 years of age to teenagers and are from all ethnic backgrounds.  Children may have identified special needs that the family should be prepared to meet.  With an approved home study and completion of PATH classes, a family is eligible for placement of a child from another State.  There are generally few restrictions on family criteria.  If families are interested in adopting a child from the State of Tennessee, it is necessary to complete PATH training and have your home study completed by Tennessee DCS. 
    5. Embryo adoption – Embryo donation and adoption is a new way to adopt. Rather than adopting an identified child from a birth parent, embryo adoption allows the adopting family to begin the adoption journey nine months earlier with pregnancy and childbirth.   These embryos are donated by families that have completed their family, but do not wish to destroy the remaining unused embryos.  Through embryo donation they have the ability to give other families the opportunity to have a child.  Families must complete the home study investigation process before they can proceed with embryo adoption.

Process for Domestic Adoption

    1. Send us your completed application with your $150 application fee.
    2. Complete the home study with Heaven Sent Children. The home study is a 10-12 page written report that tells about you and your family. The document includes sections on each member of the family, marriage, medical, employment, financial, description of the home, arrest record (if any), religion, attitudes towards children, discipline, and counseling for adoption. Typically, 4 visits are required and each visit is about 2-3 hours in duration. Your Adoption Counselor may recommend that you attend classes, support groups, and read articles/books on adoption to better prepare you for the journey of adoption.
    3. Prepare a birth parent profile booklet with the assistance of your Adoption Counselor. 
    4. Once a prospective family is approved, the wait for a match with a birth mother/birth parents begins. Length of time for matching varies and is dependent on the decisions of the birth parents and the requirements for the family regarding race, gender, alcohol/drug use during pregnancy, and openness in adoption.
    5. Families may choose to work with a larger placing agency to increase their opportunities for domestic placement.  Your Adoption Counselor can share information on out-of-state adoption agencies that will accept your home study and assist with an interstate adoption.
    6. There may be contact with the birth parent prior to placement.  The child is typically placed with the family from the hospital.  For interstate adoptions there is the additional step of processing the child and birth mother’s documents for adoption.  The paperwork must be reviewed and approved by the sending state and the State of Tennessee.
    7. Arrangements will be made by the agency for placement of the child in the adoptive home immediately after the birth of the child.
    8. If a family is completing an interstate adoption, they must stay in the child’s birth State for up to two weeks while the paperwork is being processed for the adoptive placement.  The child will be in the care of the adoptive parents during that time.
    9. Post adoptive supervision begins within 2-4 weeks of placement of the child with the adoptive family.  These visits will be conducted in the family’s home and arranged at a time that is convenient for the family and Adoption Counselor. A minimum of 3 visits occur over a six month time frame. However, if a child originates from another State the laws of that State may require more visits. 
    10. Finalization of the adoption will occur once post placement supervision and termination of parents has been completed.
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