The Center for Family Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to building Forever Families. We have a number of programs, all of which complement one another to provide a holistic approach to meeting the needs of families. Take a look and see how this holistic approach works at The Center for Family Development.

Our Programs

Healthy Families Program

Are you pregnant or a new parent and not only want to parent, but be the best parent you can be? Healthy Families Program provides a unique visitation program that helps you have the tools you need to parent through those first few years. Our home visitors provide weekly home visitation that includes unique tools and resources to engage you and your baby. This fun learning environment enables you to gain information concerning all aspects of parenting, while enabling your child to reach those important building blocks for every stage of development.

Relative Caregiver Program

Life can be full of surprises! Do you find yourself raising a grandchild or extended family member? It can be a challenge to start over on this journey; sometimes with little or no additional resources to provide for that child. Relative Caregiver Program provides an incredible support system that includes regular visits, group activities, educational opportunities and referral services for needs that may arise.

Nuturing Parent Program

Have you been raising a child for some time and feel frustrated with the ongoing obstacles that you encounter while parenting? Do you feel like you could use some strategies for positive parenting? Our Nurturing Parent Program offers an individualized weekly class that will give you tools for your parenting toolbox. You will meet one on one with a parenting specialist who will work with you to address those tough issues concerning discipline, positive parenting and strengthening the bond between you and your child.

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