The Center for Family Development offers free voluntary home visitation services to parents who are expecting or who have newborns under the age of three months.

Did you know that?

  • Babies begin learning at birth—and the first three years are the most critical to their future learning.
  • Parents need the most current information on how babies grow and develop.
  • The first years of life are also when children learn to trust and develop attachments.
  • Early parent-child contact sets the stage for all the relationships a child will have.

Parenting is the most difficult and important job anyone will ever have.  Our program provides expectant and new parents with support and assistance to foster a safe and nurturing environment for their children. We offer:

  • Help with relieving the stress that a new baby brings.
  • Information on infant care, health care, nutrition, and safety.
  • Information about childhood growth and development.
  • Educational materials to help with parenting skills and tools to strengthen family life.
  • Linkage to other resources families may need.
  • Help so families can identify their strengths and set future goals.

 Our goals:

  •  Identify families in need of support
  •  Promote nurturing parent-child relationships
  •  Promote healthy childhood growth and development
  •  Strengthen family systems
  •  Strengthen community and military support systems
  •  Help families feel more empowered

Healthy Families is available to qualifying families in the following counties:

Bedford, Franklin, Marshall, Montgomery and Lincoln County

Who do I contact for more information?

In Bedford, Franklin, Marshall and Lincoln County contact:

Mary Faxon at 931.684.4676 Ext. 224

In Montgomery County contact:

Jessica Jones at 931.645.3976

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