The Relative Caregiver Program is designed to support children who are not able to be raised by their parents, and are being cared for by grandparents, uncles, aunts or other committed and caring relatives. Through respecting what is unique and special within each family the South Central Relative Caregiver Program provides information and referrals about existing resources available, case management, support services, emergency financial assistance, respite, educational and enrichment activities to relatives who are providing care for a child that is not their biological son or daughter.

The Relative Caregiver Program developed out of the recognition that children whose parents are unable to provide for them are best served if cared for by other suitable family members, rather than by unrelated caregivers. While relatives may be willing to care for these children, doing so may be difficult due to financial limitations or the need for other services.

Our program:

  • Provides and coordinates services for children and relative
    caregivers to access information to available services in the
  • Provides support services and group activities
  • Provides educational workshops empowering caregiver’s skills for optimal care of their related children
  • Provides emergency financial assistance 
  • Provides enrichment and respite “time off” services

Requirements to be in the program:

  • Must be related to the child by blood, marriage or adoption
  • May have a legal relationship with the child through custody or guardianship, or be raising a child informally

Relative Caregiver Program Serves :

Bedford, Coffee, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Moore, Perry and Wayne counties 

To make a referral contact:

The Center for Family Development
514 Belmont Avenue
Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160
Phone: (931)-684-4676 
Fax: (931)-684-5140

Relative Caregiver Program is a partnership with the Department of Children’s Services.  

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